Very Ugly

Fails Construction

This Collection Of Construction Fails Showcases Many Of The Craziest, Funniest, And Most Bizarre Construction Fails Ever.

Things You Never Thought

Glad I Didn't Experience Those Situations

Horribly Pretty

Problems Solved Otherwise

A Bad Day

A Bad Day Is A Bad Day. But Don't Let It Ruin Your Day.

We Don't Like To Be Near These Passengers

Best Of Worst Fails

The Worst Fails You Have Ever Experienced?

The Most Dangerous Designs Ever Created

There Are A Lot Of Terrible Designs Out There. For Some Reason, We Seem To Be Fascinated By Them. I Explore The Worst That I Can Think Of, A

Funny Impersonations

Rare And Weird Items Not To Have

This List Contains Items That You Probably Won't Encounter In Your Day-to-day Life. . . Unless You Are One Of A Kind.

It Hurts My Heart

Unsuccessful Packaging

Packaging Is A Very Important Factor In The Success Of A Product - Both From A Commercial And An Ethical Point Of View. Nonetheless, There A